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Organic Vineyard &
Holiday Lets

Vacqueyras, Rhone Valley

Le Clos de Caveau

Organic wine and quality Holiday Lets. We are located in the heart of Provence, south of the Rhone Valley.

"An exceptional terroir and an exceptional team..."

Henri Bungener, Winegrower

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Tel+33 (0) 618 15 48 19

Meet the team

Enrique Selma

Head of Cultivation

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Damien Rigaud


contact email DamienR

Julien Verquin

Sales manager, Administrative and wine tourism

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+33 (0) 760 778 533

Hélène Roux


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+33 (0) 490 658 533


Find out more: click on the photos of the team members.

Le Caveau

From the wine tasting room,
you are invited to taste our Vacqueyras wines, all whilst identifying what terroir they come from.

Opening Times

During the summer, we are open everyday, including weekends,
from 10.00-12.00 and 2.00-6.00pm.  
In the winter, open Monday-Friday until 6.00pm (or by appointment during weekends).
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Find the Clos de Caveau

Wine Nature Trail

Le Clos' wine nature trail is open to the public and takes you on a tour of the vineyard with information posts dotted throughout the walk. The 1.4km trail will allow you to discover where our different wines originate and the secrets behind them, whilst taking in the breathtaking views of the Comtat Venaissin plain. 

Come and immerse yourself in the spirit of the vineyard, of its tranquility and its incredible views.

You will learn about our wines, their creation, their varietals, as well as information on the wildlife and flora of the vineyard.

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our Terroir

Each of our terroirs produces a different wine...
"In the plain the strata are horizontal, at Clos de Caveau they are vertical..."

Find out more about the terroirs


Nowadays, being organic is a philosophy, a way of living, and a commitment…

However, before 1950, all wines, all vegetables and all fruits were organic.
Being organic is also the excitement in discovering that small eagles (circaete jean le blanc) have chosen Le Clos de Caveau valley as their home, where they are often seen hunting.  (The pesticides go up the food chain: the eagles would eat poisoned insects or rodents.

Find out more about being organic at le Clos de Caveau since 1989

Of all varietals, grenache is the one that best reflects the terroir where it is planted.
On our exceptional terroir, dating from the Oligocène epoch, which is particularly rich in limestone and in minerals, the grenache produces wonders.

Find out more about the cottages

Our Holiday Lets

We have four holidays lets of different sizes (2 to 8 people). They are fully equipped and recently renovated, all with swimming pool. Rest and comfort are guaranteed.

We welcome guests and provide reccomendations according to their desires: 

  • Tasting of our wines and learning about the vineyard and winemaking 

  • Hiking, biking & climbing: we are in the exceptional area of the Dentelles de Montmirail

  • Exploring one of the many nearby Roman archeological sites

  • Discovering the local gastronomic restaurants

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