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Syrah makes our wines powerful, and gives them a deep and dark colour with hints of purple, it is structured yet fine. It graciously gives off fruity scents (raspberry, currants, blueberry, blackberry), floral scents (violet, reseda), and spices (truffle, pepper, liquorice, mint).
The syrah leaf has five lobes and a silky back. 
The mourvèdre leaf has a circular shape and has a silky back.
Mourvèdre is a new experiment for us.  As a result of its late maturation, it is planted in a sheltered field at the beginning of the Chemin de Caveau, at the Bergines. Even in small quantities, it will add complexity and peppered notes to our wines. We planted half a hectare in 2013, and it will help
Mourvedre Grappe
On our terroir, black grenache produces powerful and generous dark reds, with a velvety finish, as well as silky and aromatic rosés.  The tanins are mature, bringing together strength and "gourmandise".  The grenache gives a smooth depth to our wines, and spicy aromas of blackberries and blackcurrents.
The grenache leaf has a circular shape.

(which reminds me of its rounded and velvety tannins.)

The Vacqueyras appellation

The red Vacqueyras wines (97% of production), have grenache as their main varietal (at least 50%), followed by Syrah and Mourvèdre (at least 20%). In total, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre must represent a minimum of 90% of the grapes used, other Rhône varietals can be a maximum of 10%. Click to see the Vacqueyras Appellation decree

The Vacqueyras terroir is located on the left bank of the Ouvèze river, at the foot and the on the sides of the Dentelles de Montmirail mountains, it spreads over the Vacqueyras town area and towards Sarrians with an area of 1300 hectares.  There are over 150 land owners.

Côtes du Rhone
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