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Hillside wines

  • Our red Vacqueyras are hillside wines; and the hillsides are known for the quality of their wines.  Our yields are very low, this implies a higher concentration than in the plain.


Identification of terroirs:

  • Our red cuvées are made from the same grape varieties, Grenache and Syrah, but they are from different terroirs, and therefore have very different personalities. In addition to geological differences, the fertility of the terroir varies according to its altitude (yields are lower on the hillsides than on the plain). 

  • We adapt our vinification to the combination of vintage and terroir.

  • In organic farming, certified in 1989.

Unusual macerations:

  • Our macerations are particularly long and can last up to several months. This favors the length, the roundness and the velvet side in the mouth.​.

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